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Make India Asbestos Free
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Journal of Ban Asbestos Network of India (BANI). Asbestos Free India campaign of BANI is inspired by trade union movement and right to health campaign. BANI has been working since 2000. It works with peoples movements, doctors, researchers and activists besides trade unions, human rights, environmental, consumer and public health groups. BANI demands criminal liability for companies and medico-legal remedy for victims.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Asian Asbestos Conference 2009

Program for the Asian Asbestos Conference 2009
Hong Kong
Date – 26-27 April, 2009

25th April, 2009
Preparatory meeting for grass-roots delegates

Introduction for participants
Message from Japanese asbestos victims & families
Photographic exhibition: India’s Asbestos Time Bomb
Premiere of India's Asbestos Time Bomb Film
Presentation of Award by Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization
Welcome dinner for delegates
Indonesian Cultural Performance

26th April, 2009
Morning Session
Welcome Session
Special address
World Health Organization - Dr. Hisashi Ogawa
International Labour Organization - Dr. Tsuyoshi Kawakami
Victim Speaks out from Hong Kong
Plenary Session 1 - Asia’s Asbestos Time Bomb
Global Asbestos Panorama 2009
Asbestos Diseases - A Global Ecological Perspective
KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Current Situation of Asbestos-Related
Problems in China
Press Conference - This will take place simultaneously with Plenary
Plenary Session 2- Tackling the Hazardous Aftermath of Asia’s
Asbestos Consumption
ILO Campaign to End Asbestos-Related Disease
Towards Elimination of Asbestos-related Diseases: WHO Approach
Asbestos Victims’ Campaigns in Asia
Global Mobilization of Trade Union Action on Asbestos
A New Australia-Asia Asbestos Research Cooperative to Help Victims of
Asbestos Disease
Transnational Claims: How U.S. Developments Affect Asian Asbestos Victims

Workshop 1 – The Basic Facts about Asbestos
Introduction to Asbestos
Dust Prevention for Carpenters: Grassroots Activity on a Construction Site in
CAW Asbestos Action
CFMEU Training on Asbestos Hazards, Agreements ,Campaigning
Challenges of Retired Asbestos Workers
Open Forum
Workshop 2 – Medical Session
Pathological Diagnosis of Asbestos-Related Diseases
Asbestosis among Ex-asbestos Workers of a Mumbai Asbestos Factory: A
Prevalence Study
Environmental Fallout from Asbestos Pollution in Korea - Asbestosis Epidemics
from Neighborhood Exposure in Chungnam Provinces, Korea
Asbestos-related lung cancer in Japanese construction workers
The Latest Data on Mesothelioma Diagnosis and Treatment
Case Study: Asbestosis in the Aftermath of Cyclone Tracy
Break-Out Session 1 – Potential Asian Claims on U.S. Asbestos
Bankruptcy Trusts
Break-Out Session 2 – Building the Ban Asbestos Asian
Workshop 3 – Practical Considerations for Minimizing the Asbestos Hazard
Case Study: Post-disaster Recovery and the Problem of Asbestos
Case Study: ESB Experience of Remediating Asbestos Contaminated Land
A Holistic Approach to Managing Asbestos Hazards
"The Art of Applying Science to Asbestos Abatement:" A Moral Obligation to
Minimize Exposure While Maintaining Costs
Asbestos Removal in a Subway Station During Operation
Development of Asbestos-free Roofing Materials in China
Technology and Equipment for Production of Non-asbestos Corrugated Cement
Sheets in Vietnam

27th April, 2009
Morning Session
Plenary Session 3 – Country Reports
Sri Lanka
Hong Kong
Plenary Session 4 – Meeting the Needs of Asbestos Victims
Compensation for Asbestos Disease in New South Wales, Australia
Japan Association of Mesothelioma, Asbestos-Related Disease
Victims and Their Families
Ban Asbestos Network Korea
Asbestos in Talc baby powder - social awakening experience of Korea
Workshop 4 – International Transfer of Asbestos Industry to
Asian Locations
Case Report of the International Trade of the Asbestos Industry in Asia -
Joint Case Study: Exposure Survey of Nichias Textile Factories in Japan, Korea
and Indonesia
Asbestos Claims against an Australian Multinational – The James Hardie
Brazilian Asbestos Exports to Asia

Workshop 5 – Shipyards, Ship Breaking Industry and Railways
Organizing Migrant Ship breaking workers in India - An unique experience -
Case Study Report of Malignant Mesothelioma Caused by Occupational
Exposure to Asbestos in Taiwan Shipyards
Shipbuilding-mesothelioma in Europe and in Asia
Asbestos in Rail Vehicles – A Case Study in How Not to Scrap Asbestos-
Contaminated Rail Vehicles
Plenary Session 5 – Building the Global Ban Asbestos Network
Social Movements in South America
Mobilisation of European Action on Asbestos
Ban Asbestos Mobilisation in Korea
Building a Grassroots Asbestos Victims' Organization in North America
Grassroots Strengthening and Building of Grassroots Agencies in Asia
International Protocols, Rotterdam Convention, World Bank
Open Forum
Plenary Session 6 – Going Forward: Consolidation and Closing
Hong Kong Declaration
Launch of Asian Ban Asbestos Network (A-BAN)
Awards Ceremony – Presentation of IBAS Grassroots Bursaries: by
Presentation of The Henri Pezerat Memorial Award 2009
Morning Session
International Workers’ Memorial Day, Chater Garden, Central, Hong
Kong Island

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