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Friday, February 26, 2010

Canada's Opposition Party for Asbestos Export Ban

After the asbestos laden end of life ship from US, now a asbestos laden end of life ship from UK is on the way to India. In the current session of the Indian parliament, 8 questions have been raised in the parliament making the concerned ministry to approach 29 govt agencies to prepapre its replies.

Canada's Liberal Party now for Asbestos Export Ban. Michael Ignatieff, M.P., Liberal Party, Leader of the Official Opposition has confirmed this. It has not been clear until now whether Michael Ignatieff's position to end asbestos mining and export was just his position and that of some Liberal MPs or whether it was the Liberal Party position.

Marc Garneau, Ignatieff's new Quebec lieutenant, went to the town of Asbestos on February 23 and met with the asbestos industry lobby and told them face to face that this is the Liberal Party's position. The industry seems now to have accepted that they have lost the support of the federal Liberal Party and that this will not change.

The Conservative Party is now the only national party supporting asbestos. Prime Minister Harper is refusing to listen to the clear scientific evidence and is showing a cynical and callous indifference to the lives of people in developing countries. Harper has promised that, if he is Prime Minister, he will sabotage the upcoming Rotterdam Convention conference in 2011 and prevent chrysotile asbestos from being listed as a hazardous substance, so that it can be sold in developing countries, without letting them know of its hazards.

Office of Michael Ignatieff, M.P., Leader of the Official Opposition says, "Mr. Ignatieff has publicly stated the Liberal Party’s position on this issue. Scientists and the Government of Canada’s own health study have indicated that asbestos is dangerous to public health. The Liberal Party believes that the right thing to do is to begin transitioning out of the business of exporting asbestos. During this transition, our main concern must be for the people and communities involved in the industry. A transition program must be established to assist these communities and create new jobs."

P.S:Amid growing awareness about the dangers of using Holi colours due to presence of chemicals, most people prefer to use dry colours made of flower petals or other herbals. The colours used now have many chemical ingredients that are hazardous to health. Beware of dry colours are made with asbestos and chalk powder, and silica. Alkaline-base is used in watercolours, which can cause serious eye diseases.

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For tar based there are rules under NESHAPS if the volume is high and OSHA under any volume if disturbed.

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