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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Press Conference/demonstration on dual standards of Quebec government

Press Invite: Press Conference/demonstration on dual standards of Quebec government

Press Invite


The Editors/Bureau Chief

Subject: Press Conference/demonstration on dual standards of Quebec government in exporting toxic asbestos to India: 5th February 2010, New Delhi

This is to invite you to a press conference and a demonstration to expose Quebec’s dual standards in exporting toxic asbestos to India in the backdrop of the ongoing visit by Quebec's Premier Mr Charest for a trade mission to India. Over 100 scientists from 28 countries have sent a letter to Mr Charest on January 28, 2010 saying “Quebec itself is experiencing an appalling epidemic of asbestos-related disease… and yet it is exporting asbestos to developing countries where there are far less protections than in Quebec. This is simply indefensible." In his response to the media, on 29th January, Mr Charest has said that he will pay ‘no attention’ to the letter by the scientists.

Attempts by trade unions and workers in Mumbai and Delhi to meet with Mr Charest on 1st and 5th February, respectively has not been successful. Trade unions and voluntary organisations from India have sent letters to him which remains unresponded.

Members of the press are invited to the following on 5th February 2010 in New Delhi:

1. Demonstration by trade unions/voluntary groups: Time: 11.30 am, Venue: Infront of FICCI House, Mandi House (New Delhi)
2. Press Conference by trade unions/environmental and health activist: Time: 3-6 pm. Venue: Press Club of India, Raisina Road New Delhi 110 001.

Looking forward to your positive response.

For Details contact:

Mr Mohit Gupta (Occupational and Environmental Health Network of India)- 09811369045

Mr Gopal Krishna (Ban Asbestos Network of India) -09818089660

Mr Anup Srivastava (Building and Woodworkers International)- 09810238394

Mr. Amjad Hassan (Delhi Asangathit Nirman Mazdoor Union) - 09868157860

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