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Journal of Ban Asbestos Network of India (BANI). Asbestos Free India campaign of BANI is inspired by trade union movement and right to health campaign. BANI has been working since 2000. It works with peoples movements, doctors, researchers and activists besides trade unions, human rights, environmental, consumer and public health groups. BANI demands criminal liability for companies and medico-legal remedy for victims.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Letter to Quebec Premier on his Plan to Support Asbestos Mining


Mr Jean Charest
Subject-Quebec Government’s Plan to Support Asbestos Mining & Trade

Dear Mr Charest,

On behalf of Ban Asbestos Network of India (BANI), this is to urge you to avoid providing assistance to any immoral exercise to help Balcorp Corporation and its anonymous co-investors to obtain $58 million financing from the Quebec government to buy the Jeffrey asbestos mine.

I am writing to you from a village in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India to inform you that thousands of villagers here are protesting against a proposed chrysotoile asbestos based plant since May 2010 knowing that asbestos cannot be used safely and in a controlled condition anywhere in India or elsewhere.

The villagers here are braving police firing and repression of the insensitive government but are convinced that hazardous factory of asbestos which would get its raw asbestos from Quebec and other places pose grave dangers for the present and future generations.

The safety condition for Balcorp to receive the $58 million financing it has requested from the Quebec government is an exercise in sophistry because WHO and ILO have already established that safe and controlled use of any kind of asbestos is impossible.

We appeal to you to take cognizance of the finding that during 1999-2008 at least 70% of deaths from occupational illness in Québec were caused by asbestos and that more action must be taken to deal with this unacceptable situation.

In the light of incontrovertible evidence, it would be in the fitness of things if Québec government is persuaded to take preventive steps to stop imminent public health disaster.

In the midst of a global epidemic of asbestos diseases, it would be deemed inhuman to allow exposure to asbestos in India and elsewhere.

We expect a positive response in view of supreme human interest.

Yours Sincerely,
Gopal Krishna
Ban Asbestos Network of India (BANI)
Asbestos Mukti Andolan
New Delhi
Mb: 09818089660, 07739308480

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