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Make India Asbestos Free
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Journal of Ban Asbestos Network of India (BANI). Asbestos Free India campaign of BANI is inspired by trade union movement and right to health campaign. BANI has been working since 2000. It works with peoples movements, doctors, researchers and activists besides trade unions, human rights, environmental, consumer and public health groups. BANI demands criminal liability for companies and medico-legal remedy for victims.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Will Canada Export Death by Rejuvenating Its Last Asbestos Mine?

"It is almost beyond belief that a free and democratic nation like Canada is willing to sacrifice human lives in poor and developing nations on the altar of avarice and greed," Dr. Michael Harbut, a cancer specialist who is the chief of the Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Michigan's Karmanos Cancer Institute.

Andrew Schneider is a renowned U.S. investigative journalist who has written about the asbestos industry and other health and environmental issues. He has won two prestigious Pulitzer Prizes, one in public service and one for specialized reporting. He was also recognized with the National Headliner Award, the Society of Professional Journalists' Public Service Award, the George Polk Award, and the John B. Oakes Award for Distinguished Environmental Journalism.

In the following two articles, he writes about the efforts underway by a consortium of investors to obtain government financing to open the Jeffrey underground asbestos mine in Quebec and export huge quantities of asbestos to developing countries for the next decades.

Kathleen Ruff

* Jobs or Safety? Asbestos Debate Goes Global
AOL News, Feb 17, 2011
* Will Canada Export Death by Rejuvenating Its Last Asbestos Mine?
AOL News, Feb 17, 2011

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