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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Canadian MP who questions asbestos, loses job

On May 26, 2011 Conservative Member of Parliament, Mark Warawa, called for a re-examination of his party’s asbestos policy, saying “I think we need to take a serious look at the export of asbestos. It’s directly linked to cancer.” (Warawa may fight asbestos. Langley’s MP says he wants to look at potentially changing asbestos export rules.
Warawa has now been fired from his post as parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Environment, a post he has held for several years.

Canadian Prime Minister is well known for his refusal to allow any dissenting opinion.

Kathleen Ruff

No secretary job for Warawa
Mark Warawa has lost the Parliamentary post he has held for several years.

By Matthew Claxton, Langley Advance May 26, 2011

Langley MP Mark Warawa is not among those Conservative MPs given posts as parliamentary secretaries this week.

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister's Office released the list of the secretaries, who can speak for their minister in the House of Commons when the minister is absent.

Warawa has held the post of secretary to the minister of the environment through several years, and several environment ministers.

Newly elected Alberta MP Michelle Rempel, from Calgary Centre-North, has taken on the position of parliamentary secretary to the minister of the environment.

Committee chair appointments have not yet been announced. Warawa could not be reached for comment.

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