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Make India Asbestos Free
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Friday, June 24, 2011


Two awards given out for June 23rd, 2011 (second for Canada) by ROCA

Canada, now a 2x winner, for attempting to answer questions in the most evasive manner possible. The delegation stated the reason for opposing the listing is that they can manage it safely. They could not say that it is a purely political reason. At the same time, Canada stated that the recommendation of the scientific Chemical Review Committee was adequate and all criteria are met. “We think that the CRC DGD document was appropriate and the criteria was met. Canada is not in a position to support the listing.” Supporting the CRC document (scientific review) while not being able to support the listing, suggests some political reason, not scientific.

Brazil, for not having any position on the listing of chrysotile asbestos, although they are the third biggest producer and exporter of the world. Brazil could have taken the lead on producing countries to go for listing, but for many years the Brazilian ministries have continued to discuss their position, with little progress. It is important for Brazilian citizens to know where their country stands, and the responsibility that comes with being a major exporter.

A Conference Champion Award is also given today, to the African Region:

African Region, for making outstanding statements. They were pushing the Canadian delegates to reveal the reason for opposing the listing, not letting them get away with repeating meaningless answers. And also for their constant demand that the convention should not be undermined for economic or political reasons, for the sake of the protection of the health of people in their countries.

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