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Monday, September 26, 2011

Dubai company sets up roofing plant in Chennai

DUBAI — Sreevaas Corporate Investment Company, promoted by a UAE-based entrepreneur Siddharth Balachandran, has made an entry into India’s manufacturing sector by launching a subsidiary company.

The new company, Sreevaas Roofing Pvt Ltd, in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, has an initial capital investment of Dh20 million.

Sreevaas Roofing manufactures roofing sheets from galvanised iron and galvalume sheets. This product is expected to eventually replace the potentially hazardous asbestos sheets that are currently being used very extensively in India. In addition to being safe, it also provides strong and aesthetically enhanced roofing solution for every category of buildings.

Siddharth, who is the managing director of Dubai-based Bumga Group, said the creation of Sreevaas Roofing was an attempt to help India achieve its full potential, thereby benefiting the entire region, including the Middle East.

He said Sreevaas Roofing seeks to achieve a turnover of $25 million by the year 2014. The next phase of expansion will be expedited in the year 2015, keeping with the management’s strategy of steady and fundamentally solid growth.

Sreevaas Roofing had commissioned its state-of-the –art factory in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, after acquiring nearly five acres of industrial land. The built up area of the factory is approx. 50,000/- square feet. The factory is equipped with the latest available technology and the best quality machinery from 

Sreevaas Roofing will cater to both the domestic and the international markets, with an emphasis on quality and excellent supply chain management. A team of dynamic managers will provide the executive thrust for the company and the company will be governed by a strong board comprising of experienced professionals.

24 September 2011


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