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Sunday, July 15, 2012



Asian Journal, July 6, 2012

SO a desperate Quebec Premier, Jean Charest, has now approved a $58-million loan to Canada’s last asbestos mine – a mine that “can only survive with artificial government life support,” as activist Kathleen Ruff put it – so that Canada can once again START KILLING poor people in INDIA and other developing countries with this CANCER-CAUSING material!

And what the hell are our South Asian Conservative Party MPs - minister of state Bal Gosal (Bramalea-Gore Malton), minister of state Tim Uppal (Edmonton-Sherwood Park), parliamentary secretary Deepak Obhrai (Calgary East), Devinder Shory (Calgary Northeast), Parm Gill (Brampton-Springdale), and Nina Grewal (Fleetwood-Port Kells) – doing about this?

The COWARDS are too scared to speak out because of DICTATORIAL Prime Minister Stephen Harper who has been supporting the asbestos exports just to WIN VOTES!

In December 2010, the internationally prestigious magazine “Nature” in an editorial exposed Canada’s hypocrisy to the world as it pointed out: “Canada has been criticized for plans to expand asbestos mining operations, which export the material to India, Indonesia and the Philippines. Although Canada enforces strict guidelines on asbestos use at home to PROTECT ITS OWN PEOPLE, those in countries to which it sends the mineral have LITTLE OR NO PROTECTION.” (Capitalization mine for emphasis.)

Yes, even while we continue to spend millions of dollars in the removal of this cancer-causing material from buildings in Canada, our UTTERLY SHAMELESS Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been supporting asbestos export from the province of Quebec just to win votes.

As I have repeatedly said, my blood sure BOILS at Canadian blatant criminality and sheer hypocrisy in the suffering and death of thousands of POOR INDIANS and others around the world, thanks to Canadian asbestos – all for profits.

What moral standing can Canada have in the world with its ASBESTOS TERRORISM?

CHAREST needs every vote as he is expected to call an election later this year and, as the Globe and Mail newspaper pointed out, “while most Quebeckers oppose asbestos mining, the plan [to relaunch the asbestos mine] will have plenty of backers around the mine location in the Eastern Townships, where seats can swing.”

Canadian Cancer Society’s Paul Lapierre said: “It’s really beyond me, I really can’t understand how the government could make such a decision,” adding that the move was an “embarrassment.”

Canadian actress Heidi Von Palleske, who watched both her parents die from asbestos-related illnesses, said her mother is “turning over in her grave.” She said it was a shame that the fight against asbestos has to continue.

Yv Bonnier Viger, head of the province’s association of public-health specialists, said Charest had good reason to be ashamed as “he is relaunching the exploitation of an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS MATERIAL that will cause the SUFFERING and DEATH of thousands of people in poor countries, at only marginal benefit to a desperate community.”

Indeed, even as WHITE Canadians have boldly condemned the suffering and death asbestos is causing in India and other countries, our BROWN MPs are messing up their pants before Harper. They should OPENLY condemn this MASS MURDER.

THE Asian Journal has been attacking asbestos exports for the past two years after CBC TV’s Melissa Fung investigative feature titled “Canada’s Ugly Secret” - first aired in June of 2009 - exposed how Canadian diplomats actively promote the asbestos business.

Ironically, Harper’s own former cabinet minister Chuck Strahl has incurable lung cancer because of asbestos!

And last year about 250 doctors and public-health professionals urged Conservative MP Kellie Leitch, a prominent pediatric orthopedic surgeon, to honour her medical oath and oppose the asbestos industry. Dr. Leitch was an associate professor of surgery at the University of Toronto.

Last December, Workers’ Compensation Board lawyer Scott Nielsen told a Vancouver judge last month: “ASBESTOS KILLS. It was the LEADING KILLER of workers in B.C. in 2009, responsible for 44 PER CENT OF ALL DEATHS arising from employment.” [Capitalizations mine for emphasis.]

IN conclusion, let me reprint once again this piece:

WORKSAFEBC wrote on the dangers of asbestos for a South Asian audience some time ago. It warned homeowners: “Before you begin a renovation or repair work on your residence, take the proper precautions. Begin by hiring a qualified inspector. If asbestos is identified, the inspector will know what procedures are required to remove the asbestos and make sure your home is renovated safely.”

And then it added: “You can find asbestos inspection and removal companies in the Yellow Pages under Asbestos Removal, Health and Safety Consultants, or Environmental Consultants.

“WorkSafeBC also has information about asbestos, including a diagram of where it could be found in your home, in Punjabi on our website. Go to, select the Punjabi link at the top of the page and look for Asbestos Hazards in Demolition, Renovation, and Salvage.

“Have a safe day!”
Isn’t that HILARIOUS!

Keeping people of Indian origin in Canada safe – but exporting asbestos to India TO KILL OUR FELLOW INDIANS!

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