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Make India Asbestos Free
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Saturday, September 22, 2012

It was PQ, not Conservatives, that killed asbestos

Sarnia Observer,September 20, 2012 Sir: Quebec’s new Premier Pauline Marois will cancel loans for the asbestos industry and in so doing has shamed the federal Conservatives into reversing their long standing support of asbestos mining and its export.
The federal Industry minister simply says it would be “illogical” to continue to oppose the inclusion of asbestos on the global list of hazardous substances when Quebec will now stop asbestos mining.
The federal government will finally support the listing of asbestos as a hazardous substance not because it kills people, not because its use has been banned in Canada for years, not to save lives and prevent disease abroad, but because we’ve stopped producing it!
The Harper Conservatives just doesn’t get it. When finally doing the right thing, they do it for the wrong reason. Even before officially taking office as premier Madame Marois has achieved what our local MP Pat Davidson would not, or could not, do since she was first elected in 2006.
Joe Viola
Bright's Grove

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